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What can a map signify?
A map can be essential for an event. Overview, convenience and safety play a major role and are of the utmost importance. The digital version can be printed but can also be used on your mobile phone. This can be included with a GPS feature to be used during an event.

“Maps give an overview and are fundamental for all different types of events"

Paper map or a digital map?
Compared to a map on your phone, a paper map has a great advantage in the sense that you can see the whole map in one glance. Tourist maps that show a city or event therefore remain popular. An additional advantage for some of our customers is that ads or sponsored texts can also be placed in or around the map. Often we make an 'Avenzamap' or PDF Map for our customers. The user is then able to view the map offline on his or her mobile. Check out this video explaining the use of an Avenzamap.


Folded map of a sculpture tour in Amsterdam

What type of clients are there?
Active customers include travel organisations or companies that organise events. We provide ARTZUID with maps for an image route with art that can be viewed in South Amsterdam for a number of months. PDF Maps are created for companies renting boats, or for bicycle events. The customer is then able to use a mobile phone to pinpoint where they are in the area.

Compiling a map?
Maps in the tourism sector often cover a specific area of ​​a city or country. Depending on the available wall space or budget, we’ll make you a proposal. Our maps can be made of any location, contain professional map

I'm looking for a custom map

design and years of knowledge, making each map unique and a product worth your while. That is our guarantee.

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