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What is covered by country maps?
Maps have been created since Babylonian times (2500 BC) and have changed shape and function over time. Ancient maps were a form of propaganda, while in the Middle Ages the map was used as well as religious description as well as world navigation. The country maps we know best now, came around 1800. Only from 1800 it is common to show land borders on the map. And from that point on, maps are mainly improved in color, shape and view.


On this page of the site you will find maps of the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and other European states. 

Germany (see map 304)
Belgia (see map 344)
Benelux (see map 334)
Duitsland (see map 275)
Groot Britain (see map 652)
Denmark (see map 1)
Luxemburg (see map 1319)

Customized map?
If your map is not available on the website, you can email us / call us what you want, what specific items you want and what colors the map should contain.
The cost of a custom-sized map is higher than that of a standard map and starts at 100 euros at a minimum.