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Why a custom map?

In addition to our standard maps, we also sell custom maps. We create these maps using map material from our database, sometimes combining data from our customers. Our maps can be made in almost any format. Whatever map you have in mind, we can compose it for you. A personalised map is custom work. Therefore, the minimum price for a custom made map is set at € 100,-.

In most cases, the area is the starting point when creating a map. We can map out any area needed; continents, countries, provincies, districts. The sky is the limit. Read more...

Size & Detail
By deciding the size, the detail can also be determined. When selecting a world map with 30cm witdh, you can expect less detail than a map of 200cm width. Makes sense right? Read more...

Map format
We sell two types of maps; raster and vector. Both are equally fit for printing productions. For more information, read more...

Adding Extra Data 
It is not uncommon for a customer to have their own data projected on to a map. We have the expertise to map out, shape and transform your data to your liking, into a map you see fit. We can advise you on even more possibilities. Read more...


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Interested in the services we can provide you with? You can request a custom map below. Looking for more information before doing so? Get in touch or browse around some more. We will respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Feel free to contact us if you have a question.

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