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Food & Service industry

What can a map signify?
We often create maps for food delivery organisations that show the delivery area. These are maps that contain street names and postal codes. Further refinement can be included by drawing a boundary on the map within the area with the reach for either a bicycle or scooter within 15 minutes. This is not a circle with a particular radius but rather a limit that indicates the actual driving distance.

"Maps in this sector often cover the area around a particular location"

What's for dinner?
The surrounding area is often a priority in the production of a map for a company within the food and service industry. Below are a few examples in which Burger King charted the delivery area. Another famous pizza chain; Papa John's establishes a delivery area based on a number of postal codes. Hotels want a map where the customer gets a good overview of the hotel's immediate surroundings, along with visible activities and facilities.

Area map for Papa Johns in the Netherlands

Informative of decorative?
Most of the products are a combination of useful maps where additional information is provided, whereas opposing maps have a decorative function. The implementation is often relatively straight forward. The 'pretty' maps are usually displayed on a public wall after they have been printed.

Compiling a map
In consultation with our experts, we can get you out to a good start, and determine your map priorities. Once these have been clarified, a price indication will be given with a few map samples.

I'm looking for a custom map

If there is an agreement on the price, there will be frequent contact back and forth until the last piece of feedback has been drawn in. A final version will then be sent over with the agreed upon specifications.

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