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Location maps

What can a map signify?
A particular coordinate can be linked to any address or location on earth. This coordinate can then be placed on the map. So whether it's a few addresses or hundreds of addresses, we are able to incorporate them. We can also draw in points manually, but only apply to a very small numbers of locations. The locations can be put as a dot or (own) symbol on the map.

"Location maps are often not restricted to one type of customer, and are produced for all possible sectors"

When there are multiple activities taking place on one location it is custom to place a cluster dot, or a small pie chart display. In case of a cluster dot or display of locations in multiple colours or symbols, a legend is required for clarity.

Points of Interest
We have many POIs (Points Of Interest) in our database, such as cafes, bus stops, museums, churches, and many other destinations we can put on the map. Having your own list or set of restaurants, parks, public restrooms, etc. placed can be done as well.

Location map of Germany for livestock company Kwetters.

All varieties are possible
Location maps are often not bound to one type of customer and are produced for all possible sectors. A location map is often provided as a wall map (framed map or whiteboard). But can also be delivered as a digital file for example a magazine.

Compiling a map?
Ready to create a location map? This can be done by our experts in which your own input is essential. You are the boss. Feel free to contact us to discuss all the possibilities, either by telephone, by email or chat.

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