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Maps in many colours of the rainbow. Take a look at our special digital world maps. Almost all of them are available both, as jpg and eps file.


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What is a special world map?

Special World Maps differ from other maps through colour, format or theme. Among the special world maps, you will find world maps in volcanic-red, silver, black-ice and toxic colours.


Color Usage

Among the special world maps, you will find world maps in red-tones, silver, black-ice and toxic colours.



- Day and night map

- Decorative colour map

- Amerika / China centrally located on the map

- Time zones

- Political map, special in colour use and/or central location of China / America

- Physical map in special colours



Depending on function and/or preference, many people choose the Gall-Peters or Mercator projection. These projections are different ways to project the surface of a round planet on a flat surface. However, since projecting the surface of a round celestial body can never be reproduced on a flat surface, both shape- and surface wise,  any type of map projection is different in nature and function.

Gall-Peters projection (e.g. map 848): represents the surface area accurately, though its form less accurate. This projection style is primarily used to show the differences in the surface of each country.

Mercator projection (e.g. map 851): represents the form of the area accurately, though its surface less accurate. Northern and Southern hemispheres are stretched in width and height relative to the area around the equator. The Mercator style is the most popular map projection, even used by Google.